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Our Property Solutions

Geoni Capital provides both equity and debt property financing for targeted residential and commercial real estate across Australia. We will either provide financing to developments or towards acquisitions.

We use our capital to invest in a full range of property assets that includes:







Build to Rent

Social Infrastructure

Our property financing solutions include senior debt, mezzanine debt or equity capital across these assets.

Senior debt

This type of property financing would be suitable when a traditional senior lender (commonly a big four bank) would not be used in an acquisition or development.

Mezzanine debt

Our mezzanine debt funding is typically provided for short-to-medium term developments or investments. We provide funds in conjunction with senior lenders and take security over the asset throughout the life of the loan.


We make strategic investments in property throughout Australia. These acquisitions are either done directly or with co-investors via joint ventures that share our vision for the property and the projected risk-adjusted equity returns.

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