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Here is a selection of investments that we are proud to be involved with:


Credabl is the pre-eminent independent finance provider for medical, dental and veterinary professionals. The company provides a comprehensive financing solution for a niche market segment with a deep understanding of their professional and personal financial needs.

Curae Health Group

Curae Health Group is a leading company in the Australian dental industry providing custom prostheses and radiology services to our clients. The two disciplines Curae focuses on are custom-made prostheses and dental radiology.


Hemideina is creating a paradigm shift in the treatment of severe-to-profound hearing loss to provide patients with a world of sound, and a life without limits.

The Whiskey Project Group

The Whiskey Project Group is securing the future of Australia as a global leader in fit-for-purpose specialist watercraft design and sovereign manufacturing capability.
The Group includes the next generation tactical watercraft of The Whiskey Project; the globally acclaimed naval design and engineering performance of Naiad; and YWE, a highly regarded maritime manufacturer of government watercraft.

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