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Litigation Funding

Our Litigation Funding Solutions

We can provide you with funding if you wish to benefit from additional capital to pursue your litigation or arbitration claims. This allows you to proceed with claims with a fully-fledged legal budget that will support you all the way through to the conclusion of your case.

For further comfort, if your claim is unsuccessful, you do not owe us anything – the financial loss is ours alone.

Our funds benefit those who could otherwise not afford to bring a valid claim, or those that do have the financial resources but want to reduce risk and free up money to spend or invest in other areas of the business.

Funding Businesses

We fund claims for sole traders right through to multinational corporations.

Funding Law Firms

Our funding is especially useful to negate the risk of cash shortages and ensure that law firms are paid in real time for their work.

Funding Insolvency Practitioners

As we provide the funding, insolvency practitioners can be well armed to pursue valid claims they otherwise could not.

We are here to support your claim, not to control it.

Our funding is typically provided on a non-recourse basis, which means that if your claim is unsuccessful, then you do not pay us a thing. That loss would be ours alone.

Along with the financial benefits of funding your claim with Geoni Capital, we run a full case assessment of any claim we consider funding. This assessment is vigorous and run by specialist lawyers led by firmly established and internationally recognised King’s Counsel. This is done at no cost at all to you. If we decide to fund your case, you can proceed with the added layer of comfort that it has been independently assessed and stress tested by legal experts.

Geoni Capital’s team is extensively well networked within the legal industry. To provide you with further support, we can introduce you to a law firm that best suits your claim. This is commonly helpful to those that have not already engaged with a lawyer or have not encountered litigation before. It is an extra added value that we provide in this space, as it is important that you obtain sound legal advice and representation from the start through to the conclusion of your case.

Is litigation funding right for you?

With access to Geoni Capital funding, you can choose to eliminate your entire legal cost associated with your claim or reduce part of it. We have options to suit either outcome.

At the same time, you maintain control of your case and your lawyers will continue to provide advice as they usually would without our involvement.

Here are some of the common reasons people come to Geoni Capital to fund their disputes:

If your claim is unsuccessful, you do not owe us anything

Our funding is provided on a non-recourse basis. This means that you will not have to pay us back if your claim is unsuccessful. The financial loss is ours alone.

Our funds are immediately available

We are well resourced. As soon as we have agreed to fund your claim you will receive financing. We will fund you throughout your claim up until settlement or the end of a court or tribunal process.

We are flexible

We realise that all disputes, and all businesses are different. It’s exactly why we purposefully don’t have “standard terms and conditions” we operate under. We take the time to listen and learn about your business and the merits behind your claim. From there, we are able to provide you with the best funding solution that makes commercial sense.

We remove the risk

Disputes are expensive. In addition to legal fees, there are ongoing disbursements and expert opinions that are required. On top of that, if your case fails, you can also be ordered to pay the other side’s costs. Our funding shifts the financial risk of your dispute away from you entirely, and onto us.

Enhance your starting position

If we agree to fund your case, you can be confident that your case will proceed on a level playing field against otherwise better-resourced opponents. Having the backing of Geoni Capital also signals to the other side that you have a fully funded expert legal team that pursue the case for months or years on end and may encourage early settlement or mediation discussions for quicker resolution. With funding behind you, you can use it to hire the best possible legal representatives who can also combat delay tactics by a well-funded opponent. You will also be in an advantageous position to refuse any low settlement offers.

We free up your balance sheet

Litigation is accounted for as an expense on your balance sheet and a large piece of ongoing litigation has a negative impact on your profit and loss statement. However, if we are funding your case that legal spend simply doesn’t exist and your company books are healthier. On top of this, should your claim be successful, you will have funds flowing in that you may not have otherwise had the means or desire to pursue.

You get on with doing business

With our funding behind your claim, you are free to spend that cash you otherwise would have needed to pay legal fees and costs for months or years in the future on matters that are important to doing business. Your focus will remain on investing and improving your business, whilst the costs associated with your claim have disappeared.

Turn your in-house legal team into a profit centre

Having your case funded by Geoni Capital means your legal team’s budget and spend on briefing external lawyers are no longer a pressure on your business and the bottom line. Instead, your in-house legal team are supported by specialist lawyers throughout the period that your case runs. If successful, a profit stream will be generated directly into the business.

Independent assessment of your case

Before we fund your case, we carry out our own due diligence process that looks into key areas such as case strategy, enforceability of any judgment or award, potential for settlement, costs, budget, insurance for adverse costs and quantum. If we agree to fund you, it means that an independent party (ie. Geoni Capital) has stress tested your claim and considers the case to be strong.

Assist with case management

If we fund your case, our interests are aligned. We aim to ensure that you are set up to succeed with your claim. If helpful to you, we can assist you with your case strategy and ensuring that budgets are met throughout the period your case is running.

To learn more about our funding solutions, and to discuss your claim please contact us.

We review all cases on their merits, although as a guide our funding will typically by advantageous to those with disputes in the following areas:

The typical claim size that Geoni Capital funds is between $1m to $20m, although we also consider smaller and larger claims based on their merits. 

Please contact us to discuss your claim and how we may be able to assist.

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