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Private Equity

Our Private Equity Solutions

Geoni Capital invests in people. We provide people with funds and an extended network to support their business and growth potential.

We look to fund fast growing small to medium sized businesses that are headquartered in Australia that are aligned to our core principles and that we believe we can add value to. Our primary focus is on businesses seeking to disrupt established norms via technology & innovation.

Businesses that benefit from Geoni Capital’s funding and support commonly are looking to:

Expand into domestic or international markets

Develop a new product line or complimentary service

Scale up their working capital

Attract and retain people

Make a complementary business acquisition

If we fund your business, we will not seek to own 100% of it and we will not tell you how to run it. Instead, we will want to be your business partner and enjoy watching your success and growth alongside you. We will be there to offer you advice and support along the way.

Geoni Capital is fully funded by its shareholders. This means if we invest in you, we can do so quickly and easily. We offer flexible funding solutions and take a long-term view of your business rather than seeking quick turnarounds.

Our funding assists:

Owner operators

We provide our capital to owners of the business who are seeking growth and access to new opportunities. This may mean making complementary acquisitions, entering a new geography, or enticing new staff with extra salary and bonuses.

Management buy-outs

Geoni Capital works with management teams that have helped build a business and requires financial support to acquire ownership in the business.

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