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Litigation Funding Solutions

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This is what we specialise in. Simply put, this type of funding is where a third party who is not involved in a dispute (ie. Geoni Capital) provides financing for some or all of the legal expenses to a party that has a dispute in exchange for an agreed return. This type of funding was initially used primarily to support insolvency claims, although has become increasingly popular for commercial disputes.

Typically, our funding will be provided to you to fund your legal fees and disbursements (such as expert witnesses). We also fund any pre-action costs and adverse cost orders.

No. Although the type of funding we provide is typically referred to as “litigation funding” or “litigation finance”, we consider all forms of dispute resolution, so your claim does not have to be one that is to proceed via commercial litigation.

Once we have received the key documentation from you pertaining to the claim, the usual timeframe to obtain funding is within 10 business days.

You and your legal team control the case. As part of our funding agreement with you, we will need to be updated throughout the case, including any fundamental changes or settlement offers being considered.

No. We judge all claims on their merits, although we typically will not look to fund class action claims.

Yes. Our financing solutions are available to you no matter what stage of the dispute you are at.

Yes. It may be entirely appropriate that you would like to fund some of the claim yourself. This is not a problem for us, and we provide financing in these scenarios.

No. We will only fund cases where lawyers are instructed, so if you already have a lawyer you prefer using then that is no issue at all. If you don’t have a lawyer already, we can recommend one to you.

No. Although many in our team have a legal background, we do not provide legal advice and do not control your case. You will need to obtain legal advice from your own lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer from previous relationships, we can help to recommend one to you.

Any funds we have provided to you are not repayable. The financial loss is ours alone.

No. Our funding is provided on a non-recourse basis. This means that if your claim is lost, you do not need to pay anything.

Every case is judged on its own merits to determine the most appropriate fee structure. Typically, our fee will comprise reimbursement of our outlay and a set percentage of the total amount rewarded in damages or the settlement amount (whichever is applicable).

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